We inform our dear guests, that Shady Camping is in addition to the restaurant menu delivery, menu dishes, as well as home delivery of the Thermal Buffet offer in Püspökladány.

Telephone: +36-54-451-329

Restaurant orders every day 19:00-until we ship.


Thermal Buffet order: from Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00 h

Order: +36-20-267-9614

Delivery only 1.000 Above HUF possible, we do not charge a shipping fee due to the situation!

Payment is possible by credit card, Also with nice card and cash, but we prefer card payment methods.

Meals are delivered in disposable boxes provided by us!

Of course, we do everything we can to protect the health of our employees, therefore we ask you too, if you feel sick, rather, ask for food at home.

Thanks: The management of Árnyas Thermal Camping and Holiday Park



IS WHETHER home delivery !

Monday: Sertésragu leves

Túrófánk sárgabarack lekvárral


Tuesday: Consommé with poached egg

fungal csirketokány



Wednesday: Cauliflower soup with sour cream

Hortobányi húsos palacsinta rántva

Steamed rice



Thursday: Fokhagymás krumplileves

Wild slice



Friday: Cold fruit soup

Paprika Chicken

Shepherd's hut



Saturday: Hungarian lebbencs soup

Stuffed Cabbage


Sunday: broth

Sváb sertésszelet

Baked potato



Shady menu: Orjaleves

Fried steak

Mixed garnish


The price of the menu 1790 Ft.


home delivery : 1940 Ft, which the ordered food and the necessary for it 2 includes box, delivery fee will not be charged !

We welcome our guests!

Order 9 personally until 06 54/451-329-phone number.